What People Say

I love this app! Helps me always be at least aware of all the email coming in! 

I have been using Speaking Email for a few months now and have been enjoying it greatly! I use it on my commute to and from work. It helps me be aware of all the emails coming in and even allows me to quickly respond to ones that only need a simple response. At my desk I commonly get distracted, jumping between different emails and browser tabs, and end up missing higher priority emails. The restrictions while driving actually force me to focus on just listening to all my emails one by one so I am aware of the most important ones. I flag the most important ones so they are already marked when I get in to the office. Thanks Speaking Email for getting me on-top of my email!

Nathan Funk—LMI Technologies

"I am a 62 year old woman business owner in Phoenix, Arizona. I lost my eyesight 5 years ago due to a misdiagnosis. Where it seems like it was the end of the world, life running my business with my husband has been simplified so much with the help of the Speaking Email App. It has also given me comfort and independence.

Mike is fabulous to work with and is constatly upgrading the App with more features. I would definitely recommend the the Speaking Email App to anyone who may be visually challenged."

Laurie Dancer—CTB/CEO, BarterWorks

I cannot read very good unfortunately I'm not one of those brainy ones but this application is great and helped me out a lot so guys keep the good work up you really make life easier for people like me 10 out of 10

Frans Saliba

HEY! STOP EMAILING WHILE DRIVING! Use this new app instead

Idealog magazine (NZ)

Brilliant idea

Paul Henry—on the Paul Henry TV Show (NZ)

Your software profoundly improves my ability to quickly scan multiple messages, and your ability to selectively skip signatures, some commercial content, and repeated content from earlier replies as well as truncate long replies is really wonderful!

Your app has the feel of a really refined and mature program, and, most notably, works exactly the way I would have designed it myself for my own usage. It is so intuitive, seamless, and smooth that alot of care and attention to detail has undoubtably been expended to make this happen. My sincere thanks and congratulations to you is the developer as well as the CEO.

Larry H.—from Amherst, New York, USA

I absolutely love the app and being an outside sales rep in the car 4 to 6 hours a day find it incredibly helpful.  It is literally freeing up and hour or two of time for me every day I am on the road by having a lot less time at the desk doing email.  THANKS!!!

Scott Middleton—VP at Access Partners, California (US)

❝When we used it for the first time she cried❞

[My patient] had a recent severe stroke. She went from being only able to repeat words to speaking in sentences with difficulty. Due to the stroke she is unable to read, which had been a social avenue for her. Today I found your app and I put it on her phone. When we used it for the first time she cried. She is now able to listen to all the emails she has received since she had her stroke. Your app has decreased her isolation and drastically improved her quality is life.

Ruth Ginsburg—Speech Language Pathologist (US)

I love this app!

Will Moody—crmStorm, London (UK)

I’m a retired old fart, so I don’t use your software as you do, however, being an older person, my eyesight isn’t as it was years ago, and your Speaking Email makes it so much easier for me to keep in touch with folks. Thank you for your assistance to our older society. It’s sincerely a joy to be able to receive my email now.

Willis Hargrave

Speaking Email has been a tremendous enhancement to my efficiency in getting work done. I can easily listen to lengthy emails while traveling by car or train. I can archive the ones I need to go back to with a tap of my finger or swipe through ones I don't care to listen to. I do not have to ever look at the screen. I have tried several other vendors with no success. This one even works with my company's dated Exchange server. Thank you Speaking Email!

Denise Driscoll

I am a totally blind man I am so thankful for speaking email. It is help me in a way that's hard for me to describe. I thank you for creating it and I hope others will enjoy it as much as I do.

Charles Elliott

This is the best service for a Play Store app :) 

You've taken care of me uniquely according to my individual needs and that's something that I don't find out there very much. You've far exceeded my expectations for this app. 

Olivia Popsor

I want to thank you for this app because my 93 year old mother is almost blind from macular degeneration. She can now listen to her emails without needing someone to read them to her.

Judy Gilford

I just love your app. I had to travel 200 miles for meetings in Bismarck, and it was great to arrive for the meetings while being totally caught up with over 100 emails! All safely listened to while paying attention to the highway!

Ron Martin—VP of International Logistics, MME Global Lines, Fargo, North Dakota (US)

Love it, been waiting for something like this for years.

Lorraine Vickery—Teacher, Mount Roskill Grammar School (NZ)

Guys, you’ve created a great app.  I like pretty much everything about it.  I started using in in my car while commuting.  Absolutely wonderful.

Alex Levitt—Manager, Enterprise Application Support at College of American Pathologists (US)

Great software – will surely recommend

Valerian Ferreira, Project Manager, BNSF Logistics (Canada)

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your personal assistance. You and your App are getting a lot of happy emojis on my FB.

Ella Henry—Auckland University of Technology (NZ)

I absolutely love it

Brian Kelly—on Coast Breakfast radio show (NZ)

This is a great App, it's early days but out of all the apps I have tried to listen to emails it is one of the most stable.  I have been using the beta release and it gets better the app does not go to sleep and plays the next email automatically.  Exchange support is there and waiting to try this out. Mike responds to suggestions and this could save your licence and valuable time. Download it and try it you won't be disappointed.

Steven Levy—Partner, Levy & Co Solicitors (UK)