Email done. On the move.
Speaking Email

Get more time in your day by having your email read to you on the move.


Designed for safety

Listen with continuous play, next and back

No-look full screen gestures

Fully voice controlled

Designed for safety

Smart content detection

Email reading is different to general text-to-speech. Emails are littered with signatures, disclaimers and thread headers.

Reads content without the clutter

Simplifies URLs and other long-winded text

Reply chains can be skipped

Designed for safety

Email for the visually impaired

Control using voice, gestures or buttons

Reads only the content without the clutter

Ideal if you are blind, dyslexic, or visually impaired

Designed for safety


Your inbox as a playlist

Speaking Email reads your latest emails out loud from your inbox, one by one.

Automatically moves on to the next email
Swipe left/right to jump emails
Or use handsfree voice commands

Action emails by voice command

Mark as read/unread
File to folder

Reply and forward by dictation

Reads back before sending
Voice commands for simple editing such as "replace", "delete word", "delete sentence" and "redo"
"Reply All" toggle button / voice command

Compose mails to contacts

Simple, voice controlled experience
Select from phone contacts
Finds contacts even with unusual spellings
Add multiple recipients

Choose voices

Uses Apple/Google built-in speech technology
You can choose an MC and an email reader
You control the speech speed
Say "faster" or "slower" to change speed any time

Reads attachments too

Calendar appointments
Audio files

Easy filtering

What about emails you don't want to hear?
Say "ignore" to have the sender ignored in future
Say "important" to increase sender priority

Works with 99% of email servers

Direct support for Office 365
Direct support for Gmail
Secure connections to all mail servers


Automatically switches voices to match the language detected in the email content.

Detection, speech and dictation in 27 languages
Smart content detection in 12 languages
Choose your preferred voice for each language

Manage your email your way

We've tried hard to make Speaking Email simple to use and cover as many ways of working as we can.

Choose mark-as-read behaviour
Customise email filtering and reading order
Choose your buttons
Choose when to activate voice commands

Great value

Free trial Premium for 7 days (with no payment)
After 7 days you have the free Basic edition
Upgrade to Premium only US$4.99 a month
Pay annually and save 50%


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❝My eyesight isn’t as it was years ago, and your Speaking Email makes it so much easier for me to keep in touch with folks❞

Willis Hargrave

❝Speaking Email totally rocks! The accessibility is awesome!❞

Joseph Weakland (totally blind)

❝I work with an individual who is blind and suffering from carpel tunnel type issues as a result of excessive keyboarding and swiping – reading with your hands takes its toll – and the hands-free features are a great boon to someone with this dual challenge who really needs the opportunity to allow their hands/wrists to rest yet still be able to maintain a high level of productivity (and have some juice left to play the piano when work is done), so thank you.❞

Pamela Brett Woods

Partners and users include

Human Endeavour
UC Berkeley
United Nations
University of South Carolina