New Speaking Email features

Hey, just a quick update on Speaking Email. We have a few new features to announce.


Tap the inbox icon in the right hand corner to get to a list of the emails downloaded.

This is a list of the emails in your inbox, which lets you pick a particular email to start listening from. You can search it too.

Voices & language detection

Recently we introduced multiple voices on iOS. As promised, we have now built this out on Android too. This is actually two features:

1. You can pick a voice to introduce and another to read out your emails.

2. For multilingual users, we automatically switch voices to match the language detected in the email content. 

Shortening long emails

We've added a setting so you can set how long you consider too long. 


We've added a "rewind" button to take you back a couple of sentences.

Gmail All Folders

If you have Gmail and want to hear email from all folders, not just the inbox, we've added a switch to enable this.

Voice dictation and voice commands

Want to have your replies dictated? Rather say "trash" than find the button? We are working on these features and will have them in your hands soon!