Basic Edition 

One user, one email account - FREE 

This is a fully functioning version, which enables you to connect to any mail server so you can make sure your email account works and try it out before you pay anything. See the feature chart below to see what features you get when you upgrade to the paid plan.

Premium Edition Pricing

Recommended for most users. This version includes all features and you can pay monthly on a subscription model or buy a whole year one off (non-renewing).

One user, multiple email accounts

One month: US$1.99 approx 

Three months: US$4.99 approx 

One year: US$19.99 approx (discounted by 20%)

Prices are approximate due to currency and App Store / Google Play price tiers.

Enterprise Solutions

For enterprise customers, we can provide direct invoicing, support SLAs and sign supplier agreements as required by your IT security and procurement policies. Tell us your requirements, including number of users, and we will get back to you with pricing. Please email us on for a quote. 

Comparison Chart

Basic (Free) Premium Edition Enterprise (Invoiced)
Number of users 1 1 50+
- Demo account
- Multiple Email accounts -
- Change speaking speed 
- Control whether to read out senders, recipients, CCs, dates, use sound effects 
- Auto play on launch
- Auto next 
- Change voice  -
- Multilingual  -
- Read out attachments  -
- Voice commands (listen on tap) -
- Voice commands (listen at end) -
- Dictate replies -
- Dictate with 'Reply All'  -
- Archive after sending  -
- Enable links  -
- Turn off Speaking Email tagline  -
- Email signature  -
- Skip disclaimers, signatures  nags
- Cut off long emails  -
- Skip promotional emails  -
- Cut off when reply detected  -
- Instant reply  -
- Instant FYI forward -
- Play only unread emails
- Play only unplayed emails
- Play only arriving emails
- Play unread first
- Play unread oldest first
- Play unplayed first
- Include all folders (Gmail only) -
- Gmail category filter (Gmail only) -
- Mark as 'Read' when speaking -
- Customise 'archive' command (mark as read, custom folder) -
- Customise 'flag' command (mark as read, custom folder) -
- Play unread first -
- Play unread oldest first -
- Play unplayed first -
- Play only unread -
- Play only unread -
- Play only unread -
Service Level Agreement (SLA) - -
Pay by invoice - -
Pricing - monthly $0 US$1.99 $POA
Pricing - annual $0 US$19.99 $POA