Latest from Speaking Email October 2017

6 Oct 2017

Auto discovery of email server

For first time users email configuration can be a pain point. People don't know their mail server or even their mail platform. We've now implemented a wizard like approach which guides the user through connecting their account. 

Office 365 security 

Recently Microsoft introduced a greater level of security for Office 365 accounts accessing mail. We now fully support this, enabling enterprise customers to connect their accounts to Speaking Email completely securely, including verification via text message or authenticator app. This is called Modern Authentication and Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). 

More language support 

For a while premium users have been able to hear emails spoken in a native voice in any language by using our language detection feature. We've been improving support for recognising email headers, signatures, disclaimers and skipping clutter in major languages. You can now also dictate a reply in the language of the sender. For example, you might be a native Dutch speaker. A client might email you in French. Your reply dictation will now default to French. 

80% drive to work 

According to the latest US census, 115 million Americans drive to work by themselves, or 80% of workers. Imagine the boost to the economy if one percent of them used Speaking Email to jump start their morning emails. That would be 1 million people, 200 days, half an hour a day, let's say $20 an hour wage cost -  a boost of $2 billion. 

Enterprise uptake

A number of users from large enterprises have started using Speaking Email without consulting their IT department. We of course have no problem with this but we are also happy to speak with IT departments about incorporating Speaking Email into the organisation. We've put together a guide for enterprise and can offer bulk licensing discounts. Email us for info.


Did you know you can say "help" any time voice recognition is active, to get a list of things you can say?