4 years later...

Version 2.0 is now here! Since launching Speaking Email 1.0 four years ago, we’ve come a long way. 

We always keep a focus on our core feature of reading out email for those who can’t or don’t want to read the screen. But on top of this we’ve added many features for interacting with your email, primarily by voice. 

So, what’s new? 

"Compose" command with contacts integration

Send an email to anyone in your phone contacts with our new "compose" command. 

"Search" and "account" commands

Two new commands "account" to switch accounts and "search" are available everywhere. You can now control all the functions on the home and inbox listing by voice. 

"File" command

If you like to file your messages in folders when you are done with them, this feature is for you. "File" moves the message to a folder on your server, letting you choose the destination folder or sub-folder with your voice.

Auto play body, or not

If you would prefer to just hear the headers and then have Speaking Email ask before reading the body, this new preference is for you.

Replace word

We don't have room on the dictation commands screen for all our command buttons now, so we’ve put the editing functions under a new “edit” button. The newest, the "replace" dictation command, lets you change a word in the dictated text. Pretty useful if you just need to correct one word that was mis-transcribed.

4 years ago

Just for fun, let’s take a look back and see the evolution of features. 

Version 1.0 released was mid 2015 with:

  • Swipe next/back
  • Double tap archive
  • Auto play next
  • Flag
  • Archive
  • Instant reply
  • Gmail protocol
  • Smart(ish) content detection

During 2016 we added:

  • Command button overlay
  • More protocols based on IMAP and ActiveSync
  • Multiple accounts
  • Instant FYI
  • Attachment reading
  • Trash
  • Ignore sender
  • Smart content detection (improved)

In 2017 the faded 70s green was replaced by British racing green and:

  • Dictate reply
  • Voice commands
  • Choose voices
  • Faster, slower
  • Important
  • Large buttons
  • Smart content detection (more improved)

In 2018 we got so many commands we needed a new button choosing screen, plus:

  • Done 
  • Mark as read
  • Unread 
  • Preferences wizard 
  • Forward by dictation
  • Language detection
  • Smart content detection (in 6 languages)

Earlier in 2019 we added:

  • New protocol Office 365 Direct
  • Undo
  • Language switching within email threads
  • Dictation voice commands
  • Inbox listing by voice

And as I mentioned already, these new commands:

  • "Compose" new email 
  • "Search" inbox by voice
  • "Account" switcher command
  • "File" to folder 
  • "Replace" dictation command

Also in 2019, Microsoft awarded us app partner status. And recently Google certified us as compliant with its new stricter Gmail user data policy.

So try out the new features, and I hope you enjoy using Speaking Email.

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