Latest updates & resolving speech system faults

Resolving Google speech system faults

If you are an Android user of Speaking Email, you may have encountered speech glitches over the past few months. We've had a number of users reporting these issues. 

Google has released a string of buggy updates to the Android speech system which affect all apps that use speech on the device. The first buggy update was in Feb 2022 and the most recent on 17 May 2022. 

Look out for the following symptoms:

1. a five-second delay between sentences during speech

2. when attempting to listen for voice commands Speaking Email stops immediately after starting

While this is very annoying, the good news is you can fix these issues by uninstalling the Google updates. Full info is on our website here.

Latest features

Over the last few months we have added a couple of new voice commands…

  • The "resume" command plays from the email you were last on
  • The "incoming" command takes you to the "waiting for incoming mail" screen
  • This one has been around a while but a lot of people are not aware of it. With the “folder” command you can listen to email in any folder, other than your inbox, including sent items and archive.

These commands apply to Speaking Email premium. You can use them by voice or add buttons in button setup.

Cheat sheet

Remember you can download our cheat sheet printable PDF for a quick command reference. Get it here


If you have uninstalled Speaking Email, download it again. Use this promo code to get 30 days free premium: