GDPR Email Data Security and Privacy

Q: Do you comply with GDPR?

A: Yes we comply with privacy laws including GDPR for our European customers. 

You may request your data to be deleted or delivered to you any time.

We handle and store all data responsibly and securely. If your company uses GMail, Microsoft 365 or Exchange mail servers, the connection goes directly and securely to the server. For GMail, Microsoft 365, Yahoo and AOL the login uses OAuth2 which means the login is a Google or Microsoft or Yahoo Sign In screen and your password is never seen by the app at all. The mail is stored on your device and is encrypted during storage for iOS devices.  

We request and store only the personal information (PII) that we need to operate your account. This is your name and email addreas. For analytics and error logging we may also include your IP address, geolocation, and fragments of email content which may be immediately proceeding an error which is logged. 

For more info, see our Privacy page.

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