How do I dictate an email on my iPhone?

Q: How do I dictate an email on my iPhone?

A: You can now dictate new emails to contacts in your address book. To do this, say the voice command “compose” at any listening trigger point. 

Yiu our need to provide permission to access your contacts and then you will be asked to say the recipient first and last name. You can select from contacts with similar names if the name spoken is not an exact single match. Then you are asked for the subject and then dictation mode begins. During dictation you can speak your email including punctuation. Tap the screen or wait 5 seconds for the dictation commands, which let you read back, add, delete, redo, or replace words. Here you can add or change recipients too. 

You can also dictate email replies and forwards when you are listening to an email being spoken. To do this, say the “reply” or “forward” command. The dictation mode works the same as for composing a new email. 

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