How to create an important senders filter

Q: Can I have only emails from my contacts read out?

We don't have that exact feature, we may introduce it in future but in the meantime we have two commands which enable you to easily create your own filtering on the fly. This gives you greater flexibility to add and remove "important" senders. They are:


Say "important" (or enable the button under preferences > command buttons) to have this sender prioritized. All the important senders will be read out first, and then the normal ones. Say "unimportant" to remove the important status.

So just go ahead and say "important" on all emails from your usual contacts to create this filter.

If you never want to hear an email from a sender, say "ignore" and it will be skipped by speaking email. The sender name will still be read out so you are aware. Swipe back to hear a particular message that was ignored, and say "unignore" to stop ignoring.

See also our cheat sheet with all the commands.

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