Opening links by voice command

Q: Is there a way for Speaking email to distinguish a hyperlink while reading a message and then be given a command to open the link and launch and external program like Facebook, YouTube, or something else?

No we don't have this feature to open a link by voice command.


You can open a hyperlink by long pressing on it for 2 seconds. This needs to be enabled first under preferences > misc. We found this was too easy to do by mistake even with the 2 second hold down, so it is switched off by default.

We don't have a voice command for this. The reason is that if you can get there by voice we feel we also need to read the contents by voice and give the option to close and return to email by voice command. The problem with introducing this would be that it would take you out of context of reading and potentially need a lot of other commands to navigate any website (or app) that you may open, so we did not want to get into that. Do you have any opinion on how you would see that working? We would consider implementing this if we can see a compelling use case.

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