Email cc or bcc recipients on replies and or forwards

Q: How can I cc or bcc recipients on replies and or forwards?

A: All recipients on an incoming email whether "to" or "cc" are converted to cc apart from the sender which becomes “to” in a reply (assuming reply all is switched on - this can be toggled on the dictation command screen).

When you use the “recipient” command (available on dictation command screen) you can add more recipients from your phone contacts, or say “favourites” to pick them from the list you can set up in preferences. The additional recipients are always put as cc. (This is just to make the process as simple as possible)

When composing a new email, the first recipient becomes “to” and the others become “cc”. With any email (including reply and forward) you can clear recipients and then add them back and this will likewise consider the first one “to” and the others “cc”.

There is no way to choose BCC recipients when using Speaking Email.

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