Reply by dictation vs Instant replies - canned preset reply message texts

Q: How can I use the "instant reply" feature?

You can enable both reply by dictation and instant reply. By default you can say the voice command "reply" for dictation and "instant" for instant reply. 


Instant replies are pre-set common email replies presented in a list for you to pick from (eg "Thanks!"). You can set these up yourself under preferences. 

You can enable instant replies by turning off dictated replies (top switch on preferences > replies etc) and this then allows you to set them up below. You can either switch them on full time or switch back to dictation. If you choose dictation for your main “reply” command then you can still get to instant reply by saying “instant”.

The instant replies are complete messages, and you cannot edit or add to them before sending, so dictation is often preferable. But depending on your working style, and your hardware, dictation may not work as well for you. 

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