How to listen to a selected email in your inbox

Q: How can I get to a specific message?

A: Q: There are times when I want to have speaking email read a message that might be at the very end of the inbox, but I have to read ahead to the end of the inbox for example, but to get to that message, I have to read all the preceding emails, which on a given day, can be more than 50, creating a tedious task. Is there a way I can "cherry pick" a known message by providing a speaking email with relevant information?

A: Yes you can say "important" to have emails from the particular sender read out first.

Another thing you can do is say "inbox" to go to the list of emails in your inbox, then say a number such as "fifty" and that will jump to email number 50 in your inbox. 

A third approach is to use the "search" command if you know the subject or sender. 

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