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Q: Please help! It doesn't spell my name correctly!!

I am a SpeakingEmail client. I love the app. But each time I finish my email and say my name, the default spelling used by the app is "Geoff". But my name is "Jeff". I know that there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the email saying that it is a dictated email but I have a good friend whose name is also "Jeff". It spells his name as "Geoff". Well, it's embarrassing. Is there some way I can make a preference that will always spell my name correctly?


Hi Jeff, there are a couple of solutions I can suggest:

1. Set up the email signature and include your name in that instead of dictating your name at the end of the message

2. When dictating a message to the other Jeff, tap the screen and say "replace". This will let you change a word, giving you a list of the alternatives for that word. 

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