Comparison to Speechify

Q: How does it compare to Speechify?

A: We were asked whether Speechify iPhone app is a more fully featured and more expensive alternative to Speaking Email. 

Speechify iPhone app does a remarkable job of reading out pages of books or scanned documents, by using the camera. It can also read out web pages. 

Speaking Email does not have those features but rather is dedicated to email reading and managing your email by voice, including replies, forwarding and composing new emails. 

Speechify can read email using Gmail or Outlook, but this appears to be on their Chrome extension. Speechify iPhone app does not provide an email reading feature, and their Android app does not appear to either. 

Speaking Email is designed from the ground up to be an email reader. It connects to all email platforms, and it also lets you manage your email by voice control. 

The two apps are therefore both useful in reading different types of content, and have a very different focus. Speaking Email is a best of breed solution for email speech technology. Speaking Email is only available on iPhone and Android. We do not have a Chrome extension. 

Speaking Email has a free 7 day trial which does not automatically charge you at the end. We believe Speechify is worth the price but Speaking Email is easy to justify at fraction of the cost. 

It is ideal if you are looking to improve your productivity, save time, or have a condition such as dyslexia, blindness, or other visual impairment. 

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