Correcting name mistranscriptions in dictation (iPhone)

Q: Why does it always misspell my name?

A: When dictating emails, Speaking Email uses the operating system speech-to-text system (tech from Apple or Google), and then layers its own algorithms over the top of this.

We have a first name correction algorithm that matches with your own name and names of people on the email you are replying to (sender and recipients). This is intended to correct the name if there a multiple spellings possible - for example Catherine and Kathryn. This only works based on the current email and your first name. We guess your name based on the recipient of emails you have received. If this is incorrect, you can reset it by clearing all settings, under the Support menu. 

On iPhone the speech-to-text system has a learning algorithm which often gets the right spelling of names in context, but sometimes can get it quite wrong. If you notice a consistent misspelling, it is worth resetting the speech-to-text system history to freshen it up. This can be done by clearing Siri conversation history under Apple settings for Siri.

The problem could be solved by deleting the Siri conversation history under Apple settings for Siri.

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings, go to Siri & Search, and tap Siri & Dictation History. Then tap Delete Siri & Dictation History. 

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