Sticky dots on screen to help blind users

Q: How can I find the mic button when I am blind?

A: The mic button is always in the bottom left corner of your screen. However on most phones the screen is flat and continues beyond the actual screen to the edge of the device, so it is hard to tell where the bottom left corner is.

A user gave us this tip: you can get sticky dots to put on your screen so you can easily find button locations. 

Available on Amazon: Eshanmu Self-Adhesive Clear Rubber Feet Tiny Bumpons 0.25" in Diameter x 0.079" Height PACK/100pcs (6x2mm 200pcs).

Another use for dots is to place them on the buttons you will need when you need to sign in again to Gmail or Microsoft 365 accounts. These accounts make you login again every once in a while, which is difficult for blind users, but they generally remember your password, so only a couple of button presses is actually required. 

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