Laws and regulations on mobile phone use while driving

Q: Is it legal?


How does Speaking Email fit with various laws and regulations? Many countries and states allow use of a mobile phone so long as it is in a cradle, does not require too much button pressing, has no typing needed and requires only glances at the screen.

For example in New Zealand the phone must be secured in a mounting fixed to the vehicle and the driver must manipulate or look at the phone only infrequently and briefly. Drivers are specifically banned from reading and composing text messages and emails. This standard is common worldwide, and its the standard to which we have designed Speaking Email.

Our app enables the driver to glance at and listen to emails, which we believe is acceptable. Our reply function is fully voice operated and doesn't allow you to type a message. Every function is a swipe or at most two taps, so this is minimal manipulation. Every function can be operated by voice command with spoken responses. We've taken care to ensure there are no complex gestures, small hit areas, keyboard input or demanding processes.

You obviously need to use this app only as permitted in your area (if using while driving). We cannot provide any guarantee about whether your use of this app while driving would be considered unlawful in any jurisdiction.

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