Listen to Exchange email with Speaking Email

Q: Does it work with Exchange or Outlook?

A: Yes! If you use Outlook in an enterprise environment you are probably using Exchange server (don't be confused with "" - that is Microsoft's new name for Hotmail and is not the same at all). 

We use ActiveSync to connect to Exchange server, which is the same protocol as your iPhone or Android mail uses. If you connect to your mail on your phone already, check your phone mail settings, which will show if you are connecting to Exchange. It will also show your server name and username.

Your server name should be just the host and domain name (eg

Your username will be either:

  • your full email address (and leave domain blank)
  • OR a username (eg mnelson) and domain (eg bewebnetwork)

If you are having trouble connecting, Microsoft has a tool which helps you check if you have the right credentials. To use the tool, select "ActiveSync" (the default option). You can use this tool to check your connection:

If it passes the checks and you can't connect to Speaking Email, copy the detailed report and send it to us at (it doesn't contain any private details).

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