Set up smart content detection and skipping

Q: It is skipping too much or not enough - can I configure this?

A: We detect and skip email signatures, disclaimers, phone number, web addresses and email addresses. You will hear "skipping signature" to let you know when this happens. Our detection is based on heuristics and is not always perfect, but is we think it is pretty damn good. We are continually improving it, and you are welcome to forward us any emails that are not being detected very well (eg a signature not being skipped or some text being skipped when it isn't a signature).

There are several settings under Preferences to customise what is spoken:

  • Whether to read out the recipients, CCs, and time received. 
  • If you want to focus on important emails, you can switch on "skip promotional emails". (Or you might find you have time to listen to newsletters you subscribed to which you don't have time to look at!) 
  • There is an option to cut off when a reply is detected - ie "reply skipping" - where you can choose whether to have it move on to the next email when it detects the start of a reply thread / email trail.

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