Can Siri read emails? How to listen to emails on your iPhone - why Siri isn't you best bet

Q: Can Siri read emails? Can’t I use Siri to read my email out loud?

A: Siri can read emails but has rudimentary email reading skills. Ask Siri "read me my emails" to hear your first 25 email subjects and senders. To get the full text of the email you need to ask "read my last email", but you have to repeatedly push the listen button and ask for emails to be read out one at a time - using the same format, such as "read my second email". There's no way to have Siri speak emails continuously or read the next email or to interact in the context of the current email (eg archive or flag).

Speaking Email on the other hand is specifically designed for reading out emails. Unlike Siri, it does not distract you with voice control or require your attention, but intead provides a great email client using your phone's native text-to-speech capability and a focus on safety while driving.

We tailor the experience to the medium and the context. For example with email we detect legalese disclaimers, email signatures and other common email clutter and skip over them. Siri won't do this because it needs to handle a wide range of tasks.

What is Speaking Email?

An app for iPhone and Android that reads your email out loud to you. It intelligently extracts content from emails (minus the signatures, disclaimers and threads). And it lets you action your email - archive, mark-as-read, trash, flag, reply, or forward. It can be completely by voice command, or use the large on-screen buttons or full screen touch gestures.

Who is it for?

People with blindness or visual impairment. People who are busy and run out of time to get through their inbox. People who want to make productive use of time when driving between appointments.

Do you have Apple CarPlay?

See our other product Speaking Email CarPlay.

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