How to set up your email in Speaking Email

Q: I can't figure out how to get it to connect to my emails

A: You need to get your email settings, which you can find in your Settings in your phone or on your computer (eg in Outlook).

First thing is what kind of email server is it?

- Exchange (eg work email in corporate network, using ActiveSync for mobile connections, typically you would have Outlook email program on your desktop computer)
- Gmail
- Hotmail/ (eg Telstra, note: this is not the same as Outlook email program)
- Yahoo! Mail (eg Xtra, some Verizon, AT&T)
AOL Mail (eg some Verizon)
- iCloud 
- Other IMAP/POP (choose IMAP if possible)
- Lotus Notes (not supported, unless your server also supports IMAP)

If you are unsure which server type you have, choose the "Other" option. Try typing in your email and password and see if it works - we can automatically detect many common email providers. If not you will need your IMAP server name.

Note that some features are not supported on some email platforms. Exchange does not support replies. POP does not sync archived and flagged emails back to the server.

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