How to set up Speaking Email

Q: Does it use the mail settings in my phone?

A: You need to open Speaking Email and click Account Settings to add your email account. It does not hook into the email app in the phone. (This is because Apple does not allow this)

So therefore you have to look at your email settings, which you can find in your Settings in your phone or on your computer (eg in Outlook). First thing is what kind of email server is it?
There are buttons to add the common types and "Other IMAP/POP" button if you don't know or it isn't listed.
Once that is set up, to listen to your email you then just need to open the app. It will read the first 50 or 250 emails in your inbox, plus any that arrive while you are using the app. So you just open it when you get in the car, or when want it to start reading.

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