Speaking voices - Change the email reading voice

Q: Can I change the voice that the phone speaks with?

A: Yes, you can choose your preferred voices to read with, when you upgrade to Premium. You can choose any installed voice to be your email reader, and a second voice to be your "announcer". If you understand more than one language, turn on the "multilingual" switch to have your email run through language detection and spoken in the correct voice for the language.

In the Basic edition, Speaking Email will automatically select an appropriate voice based on the language selected in your system preferences.

We use built-in system voices, so your phone is processing all text-to-speech locally, and your system preferences are obeyed.

In iOS, you can download Apple voices in system settings. In iPhone Settings, select General > Accessibility > Speech > Voices.

In Android, you can also change voices in Settings:


then go to Language and Input. (Note in some phones go to Accessibility instead)

Language and Input

then go to Text-to-Speech output:

text to speech

You will notice that I have the defaul option, and another 3rd party option. In this case I used IVONA - a free speech engine you can get on the app store.

Now tap the cog next to the TTS engine, then tap “install voice data” to download a high quality voice. 

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