Speaking Email with Office 356 Exchange Online

Q: Do you support Office 356 Exchange Online accounts?

A: Yes we do! Office 365 is fully supported. We provide secure login directly to Microsoft or your own organisation sign-in page, including MFA (multi-factor authentication), for example via text message or authenticator app.

Speaking Email uses ActiveSync to connect to Exchange Server. It appears with the User Agent name “Speaking Email SE” so you can clearly identify clients.

Speaking Email supports most ActiveSync features, including autodiscover, provisioning and remote wipe. It supports Basic Authentication and Modern Authentication.

Exchange Online MDM (mobile device management) is supported. You can disable individual clients and an appropriate error message will display in Speaking Email.

If it has been locked down your IT team may need to locate the app Speaking Email in the Azure portal and grant the following permission:

Access mailboxes as the signed-in user via Exchange Web Services

Here is the GUID for that scope: 3b5f3d61-589b-4a3c-a359-5dd4b5ee5bd5

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