Voice Dream Mail vs Speaking Email for reading iPhone email out loud

  • Voice Dream Mail was launched about the same time as Speaking Email, and it provides a similar feature set to Speaking Email, but it has some shortcomings including:

    • No email display - it just displays a blurry version of the email
    • Voice Dream Email recommends that it should not be used while driving, whereas we have designed Speaking Email with driver safety in mind from the get go
    • No email signature detection - you will spend more time listening to email signatures and disclaimers than content
    • Swipe gestures are similar, although sometimes when swiping back Voice Dream Email goes back too far and shows the inbox

    On the other hand, Voice Dream Email shows all mails in an inbox view, which you may want. Speaking Email doesn't have this (we minimise screens and navigation around the app to maintain driver safety). It is exciting to see the market starting to take shape, and we hope you will try this app as well as ours.

    Both Voice Dream Mail and Speaking Email have free versions and are priced about the same for the full versions, so try them both.