Outlook.com security verification

  • If you have entered your email and password correctly but it says it is wrong, it could be additional security from Microsoft kicking in.

    You can set up  couple of different ways to secure your Outlook.com account, and you may have one of these set up (possibly without realising). 

    Check your email to see if your account has detected you trying to sign in and rejected it. There should be instructions on how to allow a new app to access your email.

    Sometimes just signing into your account can "unblock" it and you don't need to do this next step at all.

    If your account has two-step verification enabled, you will need to sign in to Outlook.com on your web browser, and click on 'App passwords' to generate a one-off password. This password can then be used for Speaking Email, keeping your normal password secure.

    To find these settings, go to the Security page on Outlook.com:


    Scroll down a bit to see these settings: