Mobile phones and crashes - the facts

Q: But aren't mobile phones the number cause of crashes?

A: In fact drinking and tiredness are by far the most common causes of accidents. Take a look at these accident statistics from Monash University Accident Research Centre in Australia.

MUARC study of 340 casualty crashes in VIC and NSW 2000-2011 
13.50% Intoxication 
11.80% Fell asleep
10.90% Fatigued
3.20% Failed to look
3.20% Passenger interaction
2.60% Felt ill 
2.6%  Blacked out 
1.80% Feeling stressed 
1.5%  Looked but failed to see
1.4%  Animal or insect in vehicle 
0.9%  Using a mobile phone 
0.90% Changing CD/cassette/radio 
0.90% Adjusting vehicle systems
0.90% Looking at vehicle systems 
0.3%  Searching for object 

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