AOL by Phone replacement

Q: I used AOLbyPhone but they shut it down, is this a replacement?

A: AOL has discontinued their AOLbyPhone service, which read your email out loud to you via a phone service similar to voice mail. 

Speaking Email provides this service and is lower cost than AOLbyPhone.

We do not offer the ability to reply by taking a voice recording, but instead take dictation of your reply which turns it into a proper text email rather than being attached as a WAV file. By the way, we support playing WAV file attachments, so that if you use an email system that does take voice recordings (such as voicemail or other assistive technology) we can play it to you. We also have several other features that AOLbyPhone lacked, such as attachment speaking, disclaimer and signature skipping, reply thread skipping.

We have had AOL by Phone users switch over to Speaking Email and be very happy with the change. You can use your existing AOL account and easily compare the difference.

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