Best email app to read me my emails on iPhone 2020 - Speaking Email

Q: Is this the best email app to read me my emails?

A: We think Speaking Email is the best text-to-speech email app that you will find for reading your emails to you in 2020.

We've tried all the iPhone email apps, voice reader apps, voice assistants and talking mail apps on the App Store and Google Play. We realised the need for a great app with a clear focus on simply being the best email reading app, rather than trying to do everything.

People often ask Siri or Google Now to "read my email" or "read me my emails" but you need a dedicated app to read them properly.

Gmail doesn't provide text to speech capability. In November 2019 Outlook has just released voice control, which may become the new market trailblazer.

We created this app to read email on iPhone or Android while driving, but it also works for listening to your email anywhere.

Unlike Siri or Google Now, it does not distract you with needing a response within 2 seconds, but instead provides a great email client using your phone's native text-to-speech capability and a focus on safety while driving. 

Try it out and see if Speaking Email becomes your favourite new email app.

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