Driving directions - Traffic report - Read my email

Q: Can I get driving directions and traffic news and read my email too?

A: When driving you can switch between different apps to get all the services you want.

"Driving directions"

"Traffic report"

"Read my email"

Siri or Google Now can help directly with driving directions and live traffic updates, and you can ask them to open Speaking Email to help with the last. Instead of "read my email" just say "open speaking email".

You can easily switch between apps using voice commands, and other apps can interrupt your email listening as needed for driving directions, local maps, traffic news and the like.

Speaking Email is a dedicated voice app for reading emails out loud while driving. You can use Google Maps to get driving directions, announcing turn by turn instructions, while Speaking Email is reading your emails out.

You can get traffic conditions on iPhone by asking Siri "what's the traffic like" or "traffic report" or on Android by asking Google Now. 

To switch apps on iPhone, use Siri and say "open speaking email" or "open google maps". Google Now provides this same functionality on Android.

You will find Speaking Email is the best email app for reading your email while driving. 

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