Does Speaking Email use Dictation? - or voice commands?

Q: Can I speak directly to Speaking Email?

A: Yes! We offer voice commands and dictation of replies.

When you 'tap' the screen during reading, the 'pause' screen appears and the phone starts listening for voice commands - they are simply the names of the buttons, so it is easy to know what you can say - like 'trash', 'next', 'archive', etc.

You can also set Speaking Email to pause after each email, and wait for a command - this is so you dont even need to tap the screen. That is even more safe when driving.

One of the coolest commands on the 'pause' menu is 'reply' - this allows you to dictate the entire response, check it is correct, and send it (or redo it, or cancel).

On iPhone, the pause screen also appears when you press the 'action' button on a headset, or bluetooth device, meaning you can just hit the hardware button and then say a command.


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