Dictation editing features

Q: Can I delete a word while dictating? Punctuation? Other commands?

A: Sometimes when dictating Speaking Email inserts the wrong word. If this happens just tap the screen to activate voice commands. 

When dictation voice commands are active you can say any of these commands:

"Read back" - to hear the email read back to you

"Send" - to send the email

"Add" - to add more text by starting a new sentence

"Continue" - to continue dictation mid sentence

"Subject" - to change the subject

"Recipient" - to add or change recipients

"Replace" - to change a word

“Delete word” - to delete the last word

“Delete sentence” - to delete the last sentence
“Redo” - start dictation again from scratch

“Language” - to dictate a reply in another language

“Discard” - to cancel dictation and go back to email reading


During dictation you can say punctuation, such as:

“Full stop” (avoid “period” since this is also a common word)
“Question mark”
“Exclamation mark” or “exclamation point”
“Smiley face”


During dictation you can also say any of these commands without first having to tap for the voice command menu (note these may not work during dictation in languages other than English):

“Dictation done” - brings up the voice commands menu
“Dictation help” - gives you context sensitive explanations or a list of commands you can say

"Delete word" or "delete sentence"
“Cancel” - to cancel dictation and go back to email reading (only if first word said)

Speaking Email adds automatic capital letters and a full stop at the end.

Download our cheat sheet to see all the commands including dictation commands.

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