Speaking Email in French

Q: Can it read email in French? Spanish? German?

A: Yes the email reading and reply dictation work in all languages supported by your phone, so long as you have downloaded the relevant voices or speech recognition languages. 

Speaking Email will switch voices to a French voice when an email arrives in French and then to Spanish when a Spanish one is detected and back to English when one comes in English. We call this feature "Multilingual" and it can be switched on or off in Preferences.

The user interface, prompts and voice commands are always in English. 

So it is great if you are speak more than one language (so long as one is English).

Emails don't have language headers and the operating system doesn't provide language detection. We've utilised multiple open source language detection algorithms to build our own high accuracy language detector. We use this to select the correct voice on your phone's text-to-speech engine to read out each email, and when dictating replies using the speech-to-text engine - enabling you to dictate a reply in the sender's language.

Our proprietary smart content detection includes signature, disclaimer, and thread header detection algorithms. We support 12 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Afrikaans, Polish, Portuguese, and partial support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Thai, Hindi, Hebrew. This means it will skip over signatures and disclaimers when recognised. It even switches languages within an email thread if necessary.

See under Preferences > Languages and any languages you speak. By default Speaking Email will configure English, plus the language of your phone, plus main the language spoken in the country where you are. Please check here if your language does not appear to be detecting correctly.

What is Speaking Email?

An app for iPhone and Android that reads your email out loud to you. It intelligently extracts content from emails (minus the signatures, disclaimers and threads). And it lets you action your email - archive, mark-as-read, trash, flag, reply, or forward. It can be completely by voice command, or use the large on-screen buttons or full screen touch gestures.

Who is it for?

People with blindness or visual impairment. People who are busy and run out of time to get through their inbox. People who want to make productive use of time when driving between appointments.

Do you have Apple CarPlay?

See our other product Speaking Email CarPlay.

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