Email reader for stroke victims

Q: Can it be used for stroke victims?

A: If you have a stroke it may render you unable to read. This app can help you by enabling you to keep in touch with people via email, and not feel out of the loop due to your inability to read text.

Ruth Ginsburg, a Speech Language Pathologist from Boston, writes:

"one of my current clients is a woman who has had a recent severe stroke. She went from being only able to repeat words to speaking in sentences with difficulty. Due to the stroke she is unable to read, which had been a social avenue for her. Today I found your app and I put it on her phone. When we used it for the first time she cried. She is now able to listen to all the emails she has received since she had her stroke. Your app has decreased her isolation and drastically improved her quality is life." 

Ruth Ginsburg, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
Boston, Ma

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