Composing new emails

Q: Can I compose new emails?

A: Yes, you can compose new emails, replies and forwards. To compose a new email, just say "compose" at any command listening trigger point.

Speaking Email asks you "who to?". Say the first and last name of anyone in your phone contacts (sometimes known as your phone address book). Speaking Email will ask for permission to access your contacts the first time, and you have to tap OK to give your permission.

Speaking Email searches your contacts for the name you said and any similar sounding names. If there is more than one choice it shows a list of possibilities. If you can't remember the last name, say just the first name and see all the options. And if a contact has more than one email address, the alternatives are displayed. In all cases of picking from a list, you can say "list" to have the options read out to you, and say the option or its number to select.

If you don't want to use your phone contacts this can be switched off in the preferences, and we allow you to set up your own list of favourite recipients (in preferences > replies, forwarding, compose). If you switch off phone contacts, Speaking Email will instead display the favourite recipients list for you to pick from. Say the number or first part of the email address to select it. If you are using phone contacts you can still use the favourites list as well, by saying "favourites".

After choosing the recipient, you are asked to say the subject. Speaking Email then asks you to compose the message. Here you can dictate your message, including punctuation.

Tap the screen any time to trigger the command popup, enabling you to say a dictation command or choose a button. You can say "subject" to change the subject, or "recipients" to change or add additional recipients to your message. Say "help" for a list of command you can say here. Or look in the Command Quick Reference under the Support menu.

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