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Q: Can I check mail in other folders?

A: Speaking Email is primarily an inbox helper. It reads out all emails in your inbox to give you an overview of what's current, and lets you archive emails to keep your inbox tidy. 

If you have a Gmail account, we have support for checking folders other than "inbox". Under Account Settings there is a switch "check all folders" which will simply gather all new and recent email across the inbox and any user folders (folders or labels that you have set up - excludes system folders such as Sent Items, Trash and All Mail).

For complete customisation of what emails you want read out by Speaking Email, we have another switch "use gmail search pattern" which allows you to add or exclude any folders or even any search terms you wish. To set this up, simply create a search in Gmail that shows all the mail you want, then copy the search query into the Speaking Email Account Settings.

For example you could set up this:

in:inbox OR label:clients OR label:personal-stuff

If you want to read out just one subfolder, here is an example how to do that:


If it doesn't work, make sure to test it by searching it in gmail, to make sure it gets the right emails. Any search pattern you can use in gmail you can also feed into Speaking Email.

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