Speaking Email is auto updated frequently with new features and maintenance fixes. See the latest changes we have implemented in our changelog.

We've decided to document this on the website only since version 2.0, so it's currently quite a short list!

1 Feb 2020 (autoupdate) - Voice command

- New "voice" voice command. Say "voice" to change the reading voice. 

- Fixed some issues around expired tokens for Office 365 logins.

- Changed most error messages to voice based prompts (previously standard operating system dialog boxes which were not user friendly for blind users or drivers).

- Made help more user friendly with explanations rather than just listing commands.

18 Dec 2019 (autoupdate) - Blind mode

- New Blind Mode reads out all text on screen. Set this under Preferences > Misc.

- End Screen now shows any filters you have in place so you can see why there are no more emails. You can also say relevant voice commands on the end screen - previous, undo, account, compose, menu, inbox - and these buttons appear if you tap the screen.

25 Oct 2019 (autoupdate) - Email limit increased to 500

Speaking Email now speaks up to recent 500 emails. We increased this from 250 after a user reported he had 363 unread emails he wanted to get through in a session!

24 Oct 2019 (autoupdate) - ActiveSync sync window changes

We found a number of people were having issues with emails not syncing when using Exchange / Office 365 with ActiveSync, and having to tap "Refresh All Mails". So we have made some updates - we removed quick prefetch and reduced the sync window auto extend. Here is how you can set your sync window.

1 Oct 2019 (store update) - version 2.0

We are proud to announce Speaking Email version 2.0 is released - with:
  • "Compose" command with contacts integration
  • "Search" and "account" commands
  • "File" command
  • Auto play body, or not
  • Replace word dictation editing command

The past 4 years

To complete the changelog, take a look back and see the evolution of features since we launched Speaking Email in 2015.